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Brewing is our life, beer is our water so don’t waste time drinking all kind of other things which.

Most breweries describe their IPAs as something special...as though politicians suddenly became honest or your kids started picking up after themselves. Eccentric's Typical IPA isn't a special-oh-we-made-it-hoppy IPA...this is typically how we like our hops: Bursting with citrusy goodness, Typical IPA has notes of peaches, tropical fruit, and grapefruit, but without about a bitterness that backhands you like a triggered liberal. Typical has just enough malt add some backbone but leave the hops out front
Wheat Beer - Other

Everyone knows El Jefe…
Jefe works long, hard, dangerous hours. Jefe takes care of business. After a long day Jefe wants a perfect beer. What Jefe wants is a beer that isn’t complicated but not a glass of iced water either…something that is full of flavor but doesn’t over power. Jefe wants crisp enjoyable beer.
The Midland Beer Garden's Jefe wanted a very particular beer and Eccentric Brewing has given Jefe just that: A beautiful golden American wheat ale. With just the right malt balance and a touch of hops that adds a subtle citrus note, Eccentric’s El Jefe is a beer for everybody that does not have our typical hop onslaught, or strong flavors from Europe. This beer is Jefe’s favorite. It will be yours too.
Stout - American

FMJ is a bold, malty roasty stout with subtle flavors of coffee and chocolate...yet easy drinking. This Eccentric beer is everything you want in a stout. Take an FMJ to the head.
Pale Ale - American

PigSlayer was born in brewer Aaron’s garage back in the early days when he tried a brand new hop called Citra. Not knowing what the hop tasted like in a beer, he brewed a pale ale with it to see how the hop would turn out. To pass the time while the beer was fermenting, Aaron went on a wild hog hunt that was insanely successful. When he got home and tasted the beer, it was the killer headshot from first sip that solidified the name.... and that is how the PigSlayer was born....
Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Shrapnel. The Texas brewed American amber you’ve been waiting for. It's malty backbone with a blast of nutty, chocolate, bread that finished with a punch of citrus.
Lager - Pale
Stout - Other

Behold the nutty, chocolaty darkness. This is a smooth American double stout with a strong dose of coconut and more than just a hint of chocolate. We use only the finest organic coconut imported from Mercia by two European swallows using a strand of creepaw. Then we lovingly toast the hell out of it in a scorching hot oven...creating this coconutty-chocolaty yummyiness that you have in your glass. Enjoy!
Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Eccentric #1 is a bold amber ale that showcases the classic flavors that have made Belgian beers famous. It begins with an intense sweet nose that follows into the initial flavor with the first sip. That is followed by warm malty and a hint toasted bread that linger into the finish.
This beer is the very first beer brewed professionally by Eccentric Brewing Co. Being our first run on a brand new system we really expected this to be a learning experience more than a great beer... however the beer gods smiled and we turned out a great beer!
Eccentric #1 is a limited run beer and when it’s gone it’s gone. So when you see this tap handle enjoy a glass and let us know what you think of our first efforts
Blonde Ale

Cheers to west Texas gold...the real west Texas gold drives our region, making the Permian Basin a world leader in oil. We created this golden blonde ale as a salute to our brethren who keep the gold flowing. This medium bodied golden blonde ale has bready hints of malts and a light touch of hops and a smooth finish. It is the perfect beer after a long day in the oilfield.
Pale Ale - Belgian

#2 is a Belgian pale ale that begins with aromas of tropical fruit. Upon tasting, a wild mix of tropical and citrus fruit notes dominate, balanced with caramel malts and a hop backbone. The finishes with a light pleasant malt sweetness
Fruit Beer

Easy drinking blonde with a serious peach blast. This isn’t a subtle peach, it’s not a hint of peach, or just a note of peach... this is a bold happy peach and you will love it
Tactical Nuke Mrk1
IPA - Imperial / Double


All of them just so happen to be ours.